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10 Foods that Feed Mind, Body, Spirit

Food can tend to multiple needs simultaneously – emotional, physical and mental. Learn to consider what is healthful from a perspective of adaptability – every food choice may nourish us in different ways!   Some things to consider about food is that our bodies’ needs may change over time based on where we are in our recovery journey or where we are in our life journey.   With this groundwork of the context of our life considered, we can then look at some specific healthy foods choices:


  1. Water: this a key first priority, especially when detoxifying. It is our natural state and can bring forward fluidness in our spirit.  
  2. Avocado: This green beauty is a powerhouse of a nutritional meal! Avocado’s are full of good fat which improves the health of your heart and the sustenance will last a long time.  
  3. Dates: sugary and comfort foods can be a way to sooth the emotional healing process in recovery and dates are a great plant-based source of sweet.  Combine with nut butters to slow down the metabolization for a snack that sustains longer.
  4. Raw Nuts: a great snack to have on the go! When you find yourself in a state of hungry-angry-lonely-tired (HALT), you have a healthy snack on hand to bring your physical body back into center.
  5. Goji Berries: these are a powerful food that satisfy the desire for sweet and offer detoxification support to the liver.  Play with eating one berry at a time and fully experiencing it with all of the sensation of your mouth!
  6. Passion fruit: remember, it isn’t ready to eat until the outer shell is wrinkled.  Once it arrives at this place, you can open it and empty the fruit into your belly.  Mix with almond milk and freeze for a fun spin on ice cream.  
  7. Millet: this powerful grain cooks much quicker than other whole grains and has a bread-like texture that can satisfy the desire for comfort foods.  
  8. Greens: this means a lot of different foods: lettuces, spinach, kale, chard and more! These foods are fabulous for their mineral content and positive impact on your digestive system.  
  9. Beets: these lovely Fall root veggies are sweet and easy to prepare! You can wrap them in tin foil, whole, and pop them in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes. Allow them to support you in becoming rooted in your purpose.  
  10. Chia pudding: this delicious food can be dessert while also working as a fiber to carry toxins out of the digestive system.  


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