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10 Signs You Need Treatment For An Alcohol Problem

How big of a problem is your alcohol problem? If you’re concerned your problem with drinking might be big enough to warrant a trip to treatment to teach you how to live sober and help you heal, chances are, it’s a big enough problem. You are not alone. Alcohol use disorder affects millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, not all of them reach out and ask for help. Making the call to go to treatment can save your life. Alcoholism is progressive- it always gets worse, it won’t get better. Problematically, many become convinced that their problem hasn’t reached the worst it can reach. With alcoholism, there’s never any telling how bad bad will have to be. Accidental death, injurious accident, and liver failure can happen at any time due to alcohol abuse. If you aren’t sure, here are 10 signs you need to seek treatment for an alcohol problem.

  1. You’ve tried to make deals with yourself to only drink one or two drinks when you start to drink but you can never uphold your promise. Once you have one drink, it is impossible to stop. You either don’t realize you’ve continued drinking or you find yourself creating justifications for it until you are drunk again.
  2. After the urgent suggestion of friends, family, and even your doctor, you have tried to reduce your drinking to just once or twice a week. Similar to your attempts to control your drinking when you do drink, you are unable to drink controllably.
  3. You’ve found that when you do manage to take a break from drinking you experience strong cravings, urges, and impulses to drink. You notice alcohol everywhere and find it challenging to say no.
  4. Your ability to fulfill life’s responsibilities and be present in your relationship is affected by your drinking.
  5. Your life activities which have had the most meaning to you have taken a backseat to your drinking. You’re either hungover, already drunk, or planning to drink- because if you don’t drink you might experience symptoms of withdrawal.
  6. When you go without drinking you experience cravings in addition to symptoms of withdrawal. The withdrawal might be mild or severe, ranging from shaky hands, to getting the sweats, to experiencing seizures or becoming sick without alcohol.
  7. You have more than one story about getting into trouble, getting hurt, breaking the law, or engaging in other reckless activities when you were drunk.
  8. During a blackout episode, you have engaged in drug use which you weren’t aware of at the time.
  9. You experience blackouts more regularly. Once you start drinking, you are not sure when you will blackout.
  10. Despite negative consequences, you have continued to drink.

Recovery from alcoholism is possible. Make the life changing decision today by calling Enlightened Solutions. Bringing holistic healing, clinical therapy, and 12 step philosophy together, our partial care programs health alcoholism and co-occurring issues in mind, body, and spirit. For more information, contact us today.

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