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You Only Need 3 Things To Set Boundaries In Your Life

Being in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is being in recovery of the self. We tend to lose ourselves in addiction. Slowly but surely, we let go of the most core components of who we are. We do things we said we would never do. We act in ways we could never have fathomed acting. We go against morals, values, and ethics we are both aware of and unaware of. The consequences are exponential. Patterns of energy and habit are set forth which tell us that we have no boundaries within ourselves. By going against who we are and identifying ourselves only through our addiction, we lose sight of where our rights and our wrongs both end and begin.

You need to know who you are, mostly, at least:

Through the treatment process, we find ourselves again. Therapy, energy healing, spiritual experiences, and trauma resolution help us determine what our values, morals, ethics, and beliefs are. Empowered, we find ownership in who we are. Knowing exactly what we believe is right or wrong takes time because our brains, deeply affected by addiction, need time to heal. As we continue through our healing journey, we can set boundaries for what we are willing to accept, willing to tolerate, or what we are not willing to accept and tolerate.

Boundaries are set when we know who we are. Some of our boundaries are flexible while others are rigid. Either way, we know who we are in our highest vibrational being and we honor who that person is by respecting their boundaries.

You need to be able to communicate your boundaries:

Ask someone in the early months of their recovery how they are feeling and be met with a face of contemplation. Addiction deeply changes the brain. People in recovery use “feeling charts” to help them identify how they feel. Communication is a key part of life for interacting with any other being. Those who are in recovery have to first learn to communicate with and for themselves, starting with the very basics of “How do I feel?” From there, the communication can evolve.

We set boundaries within ourselves which apply to others. Though we know what our boundaries for others are, others cannot know our boundaries for them until we tell them what they are. Communication is the way that we effectively inform others of who we are and what we are accepting of- something we have to do with ourselves first.

You need to be mindful:

You build a fence to keep in a herd of sheep. These boundaries are meant to confine the sheep to one area. While you look away, trusting in your boundaries, a sheep somehow escapes. This can happen in our lives. Our boundaries aren’t flashing around us in neon lights. We have to tenderly and compassionately mind our boundaries and check on them in all situations. It can be expected that our boundaries will need maintenance and checking up on.

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