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5 Reasons You Should Learn to Love Your Body

The journey of returning to wholeness from the perspective of mind, body and spirit can be the adventure of a lifetime.  It makes sense that such an adventure would have both glorious celebrations and significant challenges.  The prospect of truly being embodied, fully occupying the body that is yours, and yours alone, can be a daunting call to action if you are healing from body image issues.  In moments of doubt, return to the possibility of what potential your body offers your life.  


It is the only body you have

At the core, the primary reason to love your body is that is is the only one that you have.  While it has mystical capacity to heal itself, it is also finite in its support of your ability to stay on the epic quest of life.


It is your ancestral lineage

Your body descended from a lineage of people, each who found the other and formed a tribe, and created new life.  Your body carries DNA of all of those who came before you and you carry forward the purpose they found in creating the lineage that they did.  


It is your eco-system

Through this body, you are part of the larger eco-system.  You have some tribe, chosen or family, and the way that you are part of this interconnection is primarily through your body.  The spirit and the emotion stem from the body as foundation and without it, they lose the channel for distribution.


It is your pathway to unconditional love with all beings

By being fully embodied in your present self and discovering unconditional love of your physical home, you learn the ways of unconditional love.  As you learn to be in this relationship with your body, you can extend this love to your inner self, emotional and spiritual.  This leads to the mastery necessary to love others unconditionally.  


It is the vehicle for your purpose

Every life exists for a reason, to offer a unique gift to the collective human experience.  You are no different.  Your body makes this possible for your spirit.  Care for it and honor it as your precious vehicle for your precious life.  


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