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6 Ways To Bring Spirituality Into Springtime

Springtime is a great opportunity to be reminded of our spiritual practices in recovery. Here are six ways to bring spirituality and springtime together to create a special time of meaning and growth in your recovery.

  1. Stop To Smell The Roses: April showers bring May flowers, as the old saying goes. Springtime is the earth’s best showcase as it awakens from the dormant, rainy weather, to sunny skies, green grass, and beautiful flowers everywhere. It can be easy to miss the details of the beauty around us when we don’t pay attention. Stopping to smell the roses is a practice in mindfulness and awareness, bringing yourself to the majesty of the present moment.
  2. Treat Everyone Like A Cute Baby Animal: If there’s one good thing about the springtime, it’s all the baby animals! After spending a long winter hibernation (and mating) the springtime is usually filled with adorable baby animals. The little ducklings, lambs, and bunnies reminds us of the miracle of life, the freshness of renewal, and the magic of being able to start over. Your life in recovery is a daily reminder of that as well! With the same tenderness, adoration, and love you would treat a baby chick, put that kindness towards others- and yourself.
  3. Make Peace With The Weather: Before the May flowers come the April showers. Winter can still rear its head during the springtime months. As the earth makes its adjustments into the total seasonal shift, it has a few kinks and bumps to work out. Making peace with the weather is a practice in acceptance. There are things we can change and things we cannot change. It might be obvious that you cannot change the weather. There are plenty of “obvious” things in your life you cannot change, but that you spend a great deal of time and energy trying to change.
  4. Get Into Nature: Springtime is a great time to go hiking, go exploring, and immerse yourself in nature. The harsh weather conditions of winter are tapering off, giving you more opportunities. Find local nature reserves to see the new growths of spring.
  5. Contemplate Changing Seasons: Spring, too, shall pass. Once again there will be summer, which will turn into fall, and then into winter, and back to spring again. All things in life are temporary and passing. This reminds us to make the most of the good times and learn from the bad times, realizing that all of them occur in passing.
  6. Do Some Spring Cleaning: Spring cleaning is a great way to take time to freshen up your life in more areas than your closet. Now that the winter has commenced and a new year has begun, its an opportunity to take a look at what you want, what you need, and what you don’t. Apply Spring cleaning to areas of your life like habits, thoughts, friends, or relationships.

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