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A Clouded Third Eye Chakra

Our third eye chakra, also known as our pineal gland, represents the vision that goes beyond what our two seeing eyes can see – our inner vision, intuition and clear perception, as well as the ability to manifest from visualization.

When our third eye is blocked, we can have tremendous difficulty connecting to our inner selves. We can feel totally lost, uncentered and ungrounded. We can feel as though our minds, bodies and hearts are all in different places, battling different things, without a sense of connectedness between them. We can feel like we’re detached from our inner strength and power.

Our intuition is a powerful guiding force in our lives, but an unhealthy third eye can mean we have a hard time listening to it or hearing it. We may be ignoring it and prioritizing the other aspects of our lives, such as our relationships and addictions, or we may be so inundated with all of those other things that we have a hard time knowing how to decipher its messages. We may have difficulty knowing whether the voice we are hearing is our true inner voice or the voice of our fears and doubts. When we don’t follow our intuition, we become disconnected from ourselves and struggle to know our place in the world and our purpose. We don’t have a solid sense of direction and it can be a real challenge moving forward in life, looking ahead, setting goals and gaining momentum. We can greatly hold ourselves back.

A blocked third eye can show up in how we perceive things in our circumstances and relationships. We can have a very hard time seeing the big picture, gleaning the lessons and wisdom within them, and being able to process information for our own personal growth. We get caught up in the challenging details of situations which means we can miss the lessons we were meant to gain from them. As such we become distracted and confused by, sometimes even obsessed with, the things that are of less importance, the illusions, rather than being able to see through all of that and into the heart of the matter. The third eye is often associated with obsession, another form of illusion which totally takes us away from the truth. A healthy third eye enables us to go deeper into the truth with clarity and perceptiveness.

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