Our seventh chakra is the crown chakra, and it represents our connection to our higher power, to collective consciousness, to cosmic awareness. When we experience blockages in our energy, and in particular in the energy of this chakra, we can experience profound emotional crises which often contribute to our addictions and mental health issues.

Being disconnected from our higher power means we are also disconnected from our inner self. Our ability to access our innate wisdom and love, and our ability to forgive and to have compassion and empathy, can all be hindered. Essentially we are cut off from our source – our higher power, the universe, source energy – and like a body of water cut off from its source, we can become empty and lifeless. We can lose our vitality, our sense of hopefulness and purpose. We can struggle to know our place and to find our direction. We don’t feel confident in ourselves, and deep down we don’t love ourselves. We don’t have a clear sense of what purpose we’re here to serve or what path to follow in order to fulfill it.

Without a connection to our higher power, we can lose our faith – our faith in ourselves, our faith in our abilities, our faith in our capacity for healing and for overcoming challenges, our faith in humanity. We can experience serious depression and other existential crises as a result. We can turn to things outside of ourselves to fill that hole, the void within us that can only be filled by the light of inner power and self-love – things such as substances, unhealthy relationships and compulsive behaviors. When we look at the health of our emotions and our energy, we can see that our addictions very often come directly from a place of unhealed emotions and toxic energy.

An unhealthy crown chakra can make us withdraw from other people and avoid having close relationships. We might isolate ourselves and close ourselves off from intimacy and closeness. We may feel apathetic about people’s pain and lack the ability to connect with them, to feel their pain with them, and to care deeply. When we are cut off from our true selves, we tend not to treat other people with authenticity. In a sense we don’t know who we are. We’ve lost our true selves. It’s impossible to be genuine with other people when we can’t connect with ourselves in an honest way. We tend to lie to ourselves and to others, to totally disconnect, and to remove ourselves from people, and it can take years to understand why.

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