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A Misaligned Solar Chakra

Our solar chakra, or third energy center, has to do with our will, our inner power and our confidence. Think of the sun shining brightly and all the incredible power it has. That’s exactly what a healthy solar chakra is like.

When our solar chakra is out of balance, we can find ourselves struggling with low self-esteem and feelings of low self-worth. We might speak poorly of ourselves and look down on ourselves. We might be overly critical of our mistakes, our perceived failures, even our lives as a whole. We may have a poor self-image and struggle with insecurities in the form of body image issues, eating disorders, inadequacy complexes and other emotional difficulties. We might suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

When we don’t have a healthy relationship with ourselves and our solar chakra is imbalanced, we can struggle with our sense of identity. We may feel confused about who we are and our place in the world. We might have a hard time expressing our authority when around other people, and as a result people may take advantage of what is perceived as weakness. You may even feel weak and convey that to other people.

Without a healthy solar chakra, we often don’t have a strong sense of autonomy or independence, and we might find ourselves feeling the need to rely on other people. We might form codependent relationships where our sense of self is compromised. We may feel powerless in different areas of our lives, and we may feel like we’ve given away all our power in relationships. We might feel that we haven’t found our voice personally and professionally, both in personal relationships and in our work. This can leave us feeling profoundly unhappy and unsatisfied. We might isolate ourselves. We might struggle to set goals for ourselves. We may have a really hard time speaking up for ourselves, expressing our needs and voicing our opinions.

A healthy sense of inner power is so important for navigating the emotional challenges of life. When our solar chakra is misaligned, we can have a hard time facing our emotions. We may be afraid to confront them. We might suppress them and avoid having to deal with them. This inability to handle our emotions in healthy ways is one of most common factors in addictions. When we don’t have a strong sense of self and don’t process our emotions productively, we very often funnel them into our addictions, finding solace in substances, relationships and compulsive behaviors.

Working to heal ourselves holistically is an important part of recovery. Call (833) 801-LIVE for more information on how we can help.

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