Within the name, ADHD makes the diagnosis sound as if it is a matter of lacking rather than an actual advantage. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is usually characterized by an inability or extremed difficulty in concentrating or focusing. Along with inattention, ADHD comes with other characterizations that are not negatives. Sadly, ADHD is often labeled as being unmanageable. It is true that learning to live with ADHD requires adopting tools for managing an array of hyper-traits. However, they do not make you deficient, as the name might indicate. Instead, parts of living with ADHD man you an exceptionally unique and gifted person.

For example, you have an endless amount of energy. Though others call it “hyper”, your energy can be used in many different ways. Exercise is very good for managing ADHD. You have enough energy to be great at sports and get tons of things accomplished throughout the day. Harnessing that energy and focusing it on the task at hand is your challenge. When you learn to work with your energy, there is little you will not be able to accomplish!

“Learning disability” has nothing on creativity. People with ADHD think faster and more creatively than other people. You don’t have to work hard to come up with original ideas that are out of the box. You don’t even know what the box looks like!

Your hyperactive attention may sometimes make you feel like you’re not taking any information in. On the contrary, you pay attention to more detail than most people. You have more attention to be paid than you do things to pay attention to. For some, ADHD causes them to be bored because they are not being mentally stimulated by what is in front of them.

When you put your mind to it, there is literally nothing you cannot do. Passion is a factor in changing that boredom to incredible productivity. Once you find something you are interested in, your hyperactivity turns into hyperfocus. There will be no stopping you until you are done. Most of the time, you will do whatever you are doing with great success.

Other characteristics of ADHD that are usually seen with a negative connotation are impulsivity and risky or reckless behavior. It is true that when ADHD is not properly managed, that can lead to dangerous places. ADHD creates a three time higher chance in young people for experimenting with drugs or developing an addiction. However, impulsivity can become spontaneity and reckless behavior can lead to successful risk taking.

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