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Adult Children of Alcoholics

The acknowledgment and acceptance of addiction today has given people a new perspective on how the growth process had been affected by those with parents in disease. Adult children of alcoholics or ACOA, is a group of people who work through a laundry list of traits that had been ingrained into their personalities at a young age. These traits include emotions based on fear. Then there is a flip to the laundry list which more on the fearless side. Acknowledging why these beliefs were put upon adult children of alcoholics is crucial in healing the body, mind, and soul.

Similarly to Alcoholics Anonymous, the first step is to admit a powerlessness over the effects of alcoholism and that life had become unmanageable. However, in this case the powerlessness is geared towards family dysfunction. The following eleven steps also follow the guidance of the the original steps of Alcoholics Anonymous which is a guide to living with the disease. Accepting the disease and using the tools laid out in the steps, offers its members hope and assist in preventing alcoholism from taking control over each person’s life.

One of the facts about adult children of alcoholics, is that genetics play a major role in alcoholism being passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, it is common that adult children of alcoholics also have the disease of alcoholism. The idea that these people are attempting to break the chain that was the dysfunction of their families is courageous. If genetics do not end up forcing addiction upon a person’s life, perhaps this method of healing will prevent potential future family members from the struggle.

Family dysfunction is nothing anyone should be ashamed of. Just like alcoholism, there is an easier, softer way. These people who have decided to heal this way will look at how codependency affected each family member separately. Each member had their own role in the family and eventually played this role subconsciously throughout life. The effects on their life may or may not have been huge. It differs from each person, but nevertheless, it’s someone’s life and it matters.

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