For many people, healing from complex, deeply rooted emotional issues can require a multi-pronged approach. A person’s healing is often an involved process, including unearthing buried memories and facing long-held fears. There are countless techniques, tips and remedies to try, but at the foundation of it all there must be the underlying belief that you can heal. It may sound simplistic, but for many of us, we simply don’t believe we can heal. We feel we are too far gone. We are so ashamed of ourselves we don’t feel we deserve to live. The depression has recurred too many times, for too many years, to hold out hope. Anxiety is a daily battle. Waking up in panic, being unable to sleep, finding it impossible to get out of bed, having persistent suicidal thoughts, inner demons that haunt you relentlessly… It’s enough to make anyone feel hopeless. But if we can muster even a little bit of strength to start the process of changing how we think, we can start rebuilding and regenerating our mental and emotional wellbeing. The thought processes that have become ingrained in our minds, our negative subconscious programming after trauma, all of it can be changed, if we believe it can.

Our subconscious mind responds very well to both repetition and to the written word. Try some of these affirmations or make up your own. Write them down and keep them somewhere you will see them often. Repeat them throughout the day, out loud and to yourself. When you feel the negative thoughts coming, replace them with your new affirming, empowering thoughts. Positive words alone may not bring about much change without the right energy behind them, but as you repeat the affirmations, make the choice to believe in the words you are saying, and to believe in yourself. Little by little, you will heal.

For Depression:

I am more than good enough.

I love myself.

I believe in myself.

I am healing every day, little by little.

I am aligning with my purpose.

I have the power to manifest the life I want.

For Panic:

Everything is going to be ok.

This too shall pass.

I am safe.

I am secure.

For Anxiety:

Everything happens as it’s meant to.

I trust in the divine plan.

I allow myself to stay in the present moment.

Be brave.

For Addiction:

I am strong enough to do what is best for myself.

I am powerful.

I can redefine my life and begin again.

One day at a time.

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