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Are These 3 Common Habits Worsening Your Mental Health?

Managing mental health is essential for managing recovery. Relapse is often caused by neglecting our mental health needs through the development of unhealthy habits. Thanks to our practices of mindfulness, we can be aware of when it feels like our mental health is struggling, then notice what habits might be causing the distress. Here are three of the most common habits which might be weighing you down.

  1. Your Phone Is Causing You Stress: There are many ways our phones are causing stress, aside from the fact that we use them too often. We might be getting too many phone calls, which is causing us to be more anxious. On the other hand, we might not be getting any phone calls, which is causing is to be more depressed. You’re either checking social media too often, or you are completely disconnected from others. Technology has provided us with a platform for connecting to others, yet that constant connection, or lack of connection, can be overwhelming. Finding a balance of interaction with the phone is essential. Respond to calls and texts with a short canned response. When you’re lonely, reach out to others. Create fulfilling and enriching habits like reading, exercising, and hobbies which distract you from the distraction of your phone.
  2. You Don’t Have A Routine: In recovery, routine is everything. During treatment, you get used to having a strict routine, dictated by other people. Your routine helps you to know what is coming next, organize your time, and most importantly, schedule time for self-care. Without a proper routine, you’re missing out on some of the most important parts of your day. Most likely, they are the parts which help you meet your needs. Going an extended period of time without getting your needs met can cause serious emotional distress. Until you find a remedy and start putting some of your tools into practice, you run the risk of relapse.
  3. You Consume Too Much Caffeine: Stimulant substances are highly recommended in the beginning of recovery. There’s a reason most AA and NA meetings include coffee and doughnuts or other treats. After the initial detox period has worn off, there is a time for consuming caffeine and time for not consuming caffeine. Being “high” on caffeine can cause you anxiety and make coping with life feel more stressful. Coming down off of caffeine can leave your depressed and deprived of natural energy. Switch up your caffeine habit by drinking first caffeinated teas, then switching to herbal teas. Opt for natural sweeteners instead of sugar.

There is a solution for drug and alcohol addiction. At Enlightened Solutions, we are showing our clients how to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle of recovery. For information on our partial care programs, call us today at 833-801-5483.

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