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Be Good to the Earth and the Earth will be Good to You

When the disease of addiction is active, it is likely nothing matters except the next drink or drug. While in treatment and getting on a path to recovery, holistic programs encourage a connection with a higher power. This connection lays the groundwork for a new outlook on life completely. Becoming honest and accepting defeat over addictive behavior is a humbling experience. Clients must now look at what drives these thoughts to escape life. While there are a lot of negative aspects about this world, there are also many positives. In other words, if there were no dark, we could not see the light. When people can manage to get out of the mind’s grasp, new beauties and senses arise.

It’s important to learn early in recovery about how to be one with the earth. The connection that is discovered between a human and the earth can have an impact on confidence. Learning about the importance of recycling, composting, and working in a community garden can give more meaning to taking care of the earth. For those who have felt like a burden in the past, recycling and composting is a wonderful way to help see how that couldn’t be further from the truth. Patients can take this experience and realize how they are essential to this earth too. There are billions of people on this planet, and it is vital that we take care of the earth for new generations to come.

Working in the garden is a form of becoming nurturing towards another living organism. The sense of becoming one with the earth is very therapeutic for those with depression and anxiety. Often times, it’s easy to feel a void in the soul and working to sustain the beauty of this earth warms the body to it’s core. Surrendering to the disease of addiction can be difficult and painful, but it can also be freeing. Those who begin to see this can see life in as a whole new beautiful meaning. Clients who find confidence and self-esteem in working to keep our planet green, have a chance at finding a deeper sense of what life is all about. This is all part of the transformation into the light, out of the dark world of addiction.


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