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Being Restless, Irritable and Discontent

Being restless, irritable and discontent is a recipe for disaster for a person with addiction or alcoholism. The term “dry drunk” refers to a person who isn’t working a spiritual program but also not abusing any substances. For example, Alcoholics Anonymous is a program that its members work on a daily basis to find peace and serenity without numbing their feelings. Taking away the substance is only the first step to living a happy, fulfilling life. To quit drinking and using will able the person with an addiction to find out who the person really is within.

In order to become less restless, irritable and discontent, there are few suggestions to take on the path to recovery. When a person comes into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and willingly decides to keep coming back, it’s likely that there had been others who had given them a new found hope. Beginning the steps is part of the program that must be followed or else there will not be any real promises. By doing the 12 steps people can begin to see with clarity.

Dropping expectations and resentments will benefit those lacking a healthy perspective of past life events with people, places, and things. When people who are living with the disease of addiction let others get into an untamed mind, it will almost always find reasons to self-destruct. When people decide they don’t want to deal with the madness going on inside the mind, alcohol and drugs begin to seem like a good idea. Having the courage to deal with the pain inside, is the transformation into a healthy mindset.

Putting the mind’s energy towards something positive will always give someone in recovery a better shot at staying sober. It’s crucial to begin shifting the mind to see the beauty in life instead of the ugly. Having optimism and brighter energy will attract the same. Some people call it the ripple effect. When you put out good energy into the world, it will come back to you. Over time when people in recovery begin to use these suggestions in everyday life, it will become easier to deal with everyday stressors without picking up a drink or drug. By following the 12 steps of AA as a guide, there will be progress, but not perfection.

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