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Bipolar Can Come With a Lot of Creativity

One conversation occurring about people who are bipolar is that they often have great access to creativity.  The link between bipolar and creativity is substantiated by significant data.  Many who are living with this disorder grow to associate their creativity as related to their mental health.  There is collective value in acknowledging this experience of creativity when evaluating the benefits of treatment for bipolar.  During the process of determining treatment, it is paramount to consider the necessity of a creative perspective for someone with bipolar when examining a range of treatment options.  Being a channel of creativity crafts a unique life perspective, different from one who lives primarily on the plane of rational logic. Potential threat lies in the perspective of a treatment option which might violate the natural creative flow.

Due to the the chemical basis of bipolar’s effect on mental health, it is widely recommended that medication be used in the treatment strategy.  Unlike other mental health challenges, bipolar disorder will exist despite changes in environmental experiences.  The necessity of medication is similar to insulin for the diabetic.  Folklore about medication and bipolar is that the creative energy is squelched by this aspect of treatment.  This myth must be debunked as those living with this disorder have special gifts to offer the collective as well as an obligation to their own health.  

The life experience unique to someone with bipolar disorder is a pendulum swinging across two realities.  This disorder expresses two distinct realities, depression and mania.  It is the swinging between these states that generates the powerful energy for creativity. Bipolar is similar to a waterfall, the space between running water of a stream and the pool of water at the bottom of the gravitational flow.  Both are bodies of water and the water that is contained by each space is the same, yet there is a power that is generated in the fall that is booming with effect.  

The journey to finding the medication that will allow this beautiful flow of energy to exist without debilitating effects is challenging.  Balancing brain chemistry with an external influence, like medication, is an imperfect science and also one that saves lives.  The journey is one of minor degrees of change which are sometimes felt as no change at all.  Commitment to continue is essential for both survival and longevity.  When that commitment flounders, return to the vision of the creative gifts that will be generated over a lifetime. Without medication, this creative energy may be extinguished early or stunted by debilitating highs and lows fulfilling the original fear that causes resistance to medication for the person with bipolar disorder.  

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