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Burned Bridges

One thing many addicts and people with mental health issues share is a history of tumultuous relationships, broken friendships and burned bridges. When we are struggling with the inner turmoil of anxiety, depression, other mental illnesses, and addictions, we struggle to maintain healthy relationships. Our interpersonal relationships are often filled with misunderstanding, miscommunication, falling outs, and missed opportunities for learning, growth and reconciliation.

Manifesting Conflict

What we think about, we attract. What we feel we deserve is what we will choose for ourselves. This is evident in the relationships we choose. When we are in conflict within ourselves, we are more likely to attract relationships that reflect that conflict. We might have friends who insult us, or partners who emotionally abuse us. We might find ourselves arguing with family members more often than not. We feel overwhelmed, drained, frustrated and resentful, all of which compound the emotional issues we were already experiencing and cause us to attract more of the same. Oftentimes we get to the point where we feel we just can’t take it anymore. This issue, this argument, or this person, is not worth the trouble anymore. And we cut them off. Perhaps we are afraid to address the issues with them. Perhaps we are avoiding the anxiety that can come with confrontation. Perhaps we feel this person has crossed a threshold of respect they can’t recover from.

Whatever the scenario, if we believe that we manifest everything in our lives, both good and bad, then we must admit that we manifested this conflict. What inside of us created it? Was it an inner fear of being unworthy or unlovable? Was it fear of trusting others after being betrayed? Whatever it is, when we can take responsibility for our manifestation, we can begin to unravel the pieces of the puzzle, solve the conflicts in our current relationships, and begin to attract healthier, more stable relationships and circumstances into our lives.


When we come to understand our power and responsibility in having manifested what we didn’t want in our lives, i.e. relationship turmoil, we can begin to practice more mindfulness in order to start manifesting the things we do want. We can choose our words, thoughts, actions and energies with more care and more attention. We can direct our energies in positive ways. We can begin to prioritize an inner peace and wellness, thereby manifesting more of the same reflected back to us in our realities. We can decide we want stable, healthy relationships in which we feel safe and secure. We can choose to work to create that same stability, health, safety and security within ourselves, giving us the power to create relationships with those elements, and to help those around us to do the same.

It can do a world of good to be surrounded by people who understand and empathize. Enlightened Solutions is here for you. Call (833) 801-LIVE today.

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