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Getting the Most Out of Your Recovery With Yoga

July 8, 2021
Yoga is a practice that uses physical poses to connect the mind, body and breath. The benefits of yoga include stress…

The Importance of Touch for Physical and Mental Health

March 24, 2021
COVID-19 has brought considerable changes to our daily lives. We might now be working from home. If children attend s…

Recovery and the Hierarchy of Needs

September 11, 2020
“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your …

Respectfully Saying “No”: Setting Healthy Boundaries

September 5, 2020
Setting boundaries with others can be difficult; however, setting healthy boundaries can improve our overall wellness…

Creating Goals: Managing Expectations for Successful Recovery

September 3, 2020
When entering a recovery program, you may be asked, “What are your goals for recovery?” You may have some idea for re…

Meditation Isn’t Just One Thing

August 16, 2020
In the past 10 years or so, meditation has gone mainstream in a big way. Half the articles you see online about healt…

4 Science-Backed Reasons Yoga Is Good for Addiction Recovery

August 11, 2020
Yoga—once a sort of fringe practice—has gone mainstream. Not only that, but it has attracted scientific attention and…

Choosing the Exercise That’s Right for You

August 8, 2020
Researchers keep discovering new benefits that come with exercising. Perhaps it’s obvious that regular exercise is go…

What To Do When You Feel Another Episode of Depression Coming

August 3, 2020
Depression is one of the most common mental health challenges worldwide and it’s a major risk factor for addiction. F…

5 Ways the Weather Can Affect Your Mental Health

July 5, 2020
If you’re recovering from addiction, it pays to keep track of the things that affect your mood and overall mental hea…

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