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Depression Can Become A Clinical Problem: Do You Know When?

The signs of depression aren’t always obvious. Symptoms can last a long time before they’re noticeably problematic.

When Your Appetite Has Taken A 180

Hunger and depression go together in confusing ways. If you are a normal eater you will notice a change either in the direction of eating more food or eating less food. Depression is being researched in its connection with gut bacteria which is created by the food we eat. Hunger can also be associated with hormones produced by the thyroid which affects hunger. A severe change in appetite can be a sign that something is imbalanced. If you are noticing serious changes in mood in addition to changes in hunger, that might be a sign of depression.

When Your Sleep Is The Opposite Of Normal

Sleeplessness in depression is common. First, the natural circadian rhythm can be altered by shifting hormones which cause change in sleep. Second, changes in sleep due to chemical depression can cause lethargy and sleeping all day, which can contribute to the natural sleep rhythm being off.  Third, depression can cause a different kind of sleep alteration. Instead of losing sleep during the night  due to being low energy all day one might lose sleep because they have too much energy. A little known and under recognized symptom of depression is high energy and productivity— the opposite of what is generally expected out of depression.

When Your Sensitivity Levels Are Off

Depression is characterized by heavy emotions of sadness and sensitivity. You might find yourself being more reactionary than responsive. Feeling as though you were an overfilled water balloon, you live as though you are on edge. The slightest offense— real or perceived— could set off waterworks and a slew of emotions. In contrast, sensitivity can also result in more demonstrations of anger. Depression and anger aren’t commonly thought to go together but they often can. Anger can be a sign of deep emotional pain which is stuck in its processing.

When You Think You’re Anxious

Anxiety and depression are often confused because they both share the characteristic of ruminating thoughts. Sometimes, anxiety is depressing and sometimes depression can induce anxiety. Experiencing anxiety attacks or feeling generally anxious about the future, or even the past, could actually be depression rather than anxiety.

Depression is a leading mental health issue around the world and one of the most highly co-occurring disorders with addiction and alcoholism. If you are struggling with depression and turning to drugs or alcohol to cope, there is a solution. Call Enlightened Solutions today for information on our partial care programs designed to heal mind, body, and spirit. 833-801-5483.

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