New Jersey is one of the states that has been hit the worst by the opioid epidemic in the United States. This epidemic is no stranger to the residents of Hamilton Township and Mercer County. Mercer County has a large population of people who have become addicted to heroin, many of these only turning to heroin when they were unable to obtain an opioid prescription painkiller they were addicted to. These individuals began their addiction, innocently enough, from an opioid painkiller such as Vicodin or Percocet most likely prescribed for an injury or surgery. It takes almost no time for people to become addicted to these, especially if they are prescribed over a long period of time.

Drug Overdoses in Mercer County and Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Between 2017-2018 there were approximately 253 overdose deaths in Mercer County. The overdose rate in New Jersey has become overwhelming, necessitating first responders to carry Naloxone also known as Narcan. Narcan, a life-saving drug, is used to reverse an opioid overdose, bringing individuals back from the brink of death. The drug works quickly to block the opioid substances flooding the brain and in turn reviving someone experiencing an overdose. Mercer County was among the first counties in New Jersey to train and arm their first responders, such as police and EMTs, to use Narcan to reverse overdoses after the number of overdoses per year began to skyrocket at an alarming rate. This action has saved countless lives, but it has only made a dent in the mounting number of overdoses occurring in this county.

Treatment Centers in Mercer County and Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Addiction has historically carried with it a stigma that has not only prevented those who are addicted to seeking help but also created almost self-imposed isolation. Isolation is dangerous for someone attempting to recover from addiction. To successfully recover, it is important to find a support network and a quality treatment facility that is prepared to help a loved one struggling with addiction every step of their recovery journey. Recovery can be a difficult process in the beginning, especially if a loved one is struggling with withdrawal. Enlightened Solutions has treatment programs designed to help loved ones seeking recovery successfully complete the rehab process and recover their sobriety for life. Our full continuum of care helps loved ones dealing with withdrawals and ease them into recovery. Our treatment plans are custom created, tailored to your loved one’s exact needs. All of our therapeutic offerings are both holistic and evidence-based, using the latest research and techniques, integrating them with tried and true practices to create a unique treatment that helps loved ones find recovery and hope. Enlightened Solutions provides true support, understands and encourages healing in a peaceful environment designed to offer security and inspiration. Recovering from an addiction is not an easy road to travel but you are not alone. There is a community of caring and supportive people waiting to help you recapture your life and spirit.

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