The opioid epidemic continues to affect individuals and families across the US and families in New Jersey are among the most affected. People in Camden are seeking help for heroin and other opioids at more than twice the rate of people seeking help for alcohol and more than four times the rate of other drugs, such as cocaine. As the largest city in Camden County, the city of Camden also has the most people who need help for substance use.

Drug Overdoses in Camden County and Camden City, New Jersey

New Jersey has the dubious distinction of having the twelfth highest rate of fatal overdoses in the US. In 2017, 21.7 people out of every 100,000 in the US died of an overdose but in New Jersey, that number was 30 out of 100,000–nearly 50 percent more than the national average. That number has also increased more sharply than the national average, having increased nearly 30 percent since 2016. As one of New Jersey’s largest cities, Camden bears a large share of that burden.

The opioid crisis in New Jersey has gotten so bad that the governor has announced new measures to combat it. These include increasing access to evidence-based treatment programs, helping people recover and maintain their recovery, building data systems and infrastructure to support the addiction community, and strengthening law enforcement and diversion programs to keep more illicit drugs off the street and help people get treatment rather than jail time.

Treatment Centers in Camden County and Camden City, New Jersey

Making the decision to get treatment can be hard. Many people worry they can’t afford it or that now is not a good time to put life on pause to get treatment for addiction. Treatment is actually much more affordable than most people think, especially now that there is more aid available from government programs and private insurance. Treatment centers have staff that specialize in helping you afford treatment. As for taking time out of your life to get treatment, it never feels like a good time, but it will never be a better time in the future. Addiction is a progressive disease that only gets harder to beat as time goes on. Getting help now will pay off in the future.

At Enlightened Solutions, we offer a range of treatment options to best suit your needs. Our holistic approach to treatment addresses the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of addiction. We believe that building a happier life is the key to overcoming addiction.

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