The opioid crisis in the US has been a tragedy on the individual, family, and societal levels. Individually, addiction damages your health, increases your risk of mental health issues, and increases your risk of death by overdose or accident. On the family level, it strains relationships, leads to deception and mistrust, and leads to tragedy when a family member dies. On the social level, the opioid crisis has put a large strain on our public resources, including medical costs and lost productivity. It’s estimated that the opioid crisis has cost New Jersey workers 300 million hours in lost work and cost the state more than 17 billion dollars in lost growth in the past 15 years.

Drug Overdoses in Camden County and Waterford, New Jersey

The rate of fatal overdoses appears to be rising even faster in New Jersey than in the rest of the US. In 2017, there were more than 70,000 fatal overdoses in the US, nearly 50,000 of which were opioid-related. In New Jersey, there were more than 2,600 fatal overdoses in 2017, making it the state with the ninth most deaths from overdose. What’s more, the rate of overdose in New Jersey is much higher than the national average. While 21.7 out of every 100,000 Americans died of an overdose in 2017, in New Jersey it was 30 out of every 100,000. That was also a nearly 30 percent increase over the New Jersey overdose rate in 2016. In Waterford, more than three times as many people sought treatment for heroin use as alcohol use.

Treatment Centers in Camden County and Waterford, New Jersey

Many people never seek help for addiction because they’re in denial. They may believe they don’t really have a problem, that they drink or use drugs in ways similar to everyone else, or that if they do have a problem, they can take care of it on their own. These objections are especially common among men, who often feel social pressure to be strong and self-reliant. However, asking for help is hard and it takes strength to do it. Women tend to feel the stigma of substance use more than men, which can prevent them from seeking help. However, women often have the additional challenge of needing childcare or having to recover while pregnant. It’s important to find a treatment program that fits with the circumstances of your life.

At Enlightened Solutions, we have a range of options to suit your individual needs. We know that the key to success in addiction recovery is treating the individual in a holistic way that includes mind, body, and spirit. You can never overcome addiction unless you treat the root causes and create a happier life for yourself.

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