A special study into the drug use of New Jersey has given the state the nickname “Herointown” due to the vast population of people addicted to opioids and the overwhelming number of resulting overdose deaths. The study claimed that if everyone addicted to opioids was put in the same place, the number of people would make it the 4th largest city in New Jersey. The opioid epidemic that has devastated the country is no stranger in Trenton, New Jersey. Opioids are so prolific in society today, it is likely that you know several people who have been affected and are struggling with addiction. Opioids are the one drug that crosses all demographics affecting everyone from the very young to the very old.

Drug Overdoses in Mercer County and Trenton, New Jersey

The number of overdoses that occurred in Mercer County has only increased over the last year. The county is reacting to the massive surge in overdose deaths by supplying all first responders with the life-saving overdose-reversing drug Narcan, a drug which will revive an overdose victim in a matter of minutes and allow them to receive emergency services. This medication is being administered more and more in Mercer County. The increases in overdoses are in direct correlation with the presence of synthetic opioid being added to heroin. Fentanyl and carfentanil are both incredibly powerful drugs. Just a small amount of either drug is enough to induce an overdose and there is no way of detecting the presence of these drugs in the heroin addicts purchase on the street.

Treatment Centers in Mercer County and Trenton, New Jersey

Victims of opioid addiction are literally fighting for their life. Opioids become an all-consuming obsession that continuously festers in the back of an addict’s mind. Breaking free from addiction is not an easy mission, but it is possible. Opioids like heroin grab ahold of people in a strong way which takes over their life entirely. Deciding to seek help for your addiction is the first step towards a new life. This is not an easy journey and you will need a great deal of support and understanding to recover fully. Enlightened Solutions is a safe place to re-center and rebuild. We have created an environment of understanding and encouragement. Our holistic treatments and therapies such as equine therapy and acupuncture are mixed with more traditional methods such as comprehensive 12-step inclusion. These treatments are designed for each person and their particular drug addiction. Enlightened Solutions is prepared to help you through the worst of your challenges in order to help you find the best of your successes, knowing exactly what to expect and knowing that this is the hardest part of escaping the drug hold on you. We are prepared to help you both mentally and physically free yourself from your addiction in order to find a life of happiness, joyousness, and freedom. When you have the right support and assistance, it gives you hope that you can once again live a life free from addiction.

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