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Encourage and Congratulate Yourself

Many of us working towards recovery from addictions and mental health issues have spent years beating ourselves up, criticizing and judging ourselves, and denying ourselves forgiveness and compassion. All of these things make it harder for us to heal. One shift we can make in our mentality is to start thinking positively about our progress and growth. We can help ourselves do this by encouraging ourselves as much as possible and congratulating ourselves for everything we accomplish, even small things.

When we are depressed or in crisis, everything can feel impossible. We might feel like we don’t have any energy or willpower. We might struggle with daily tasks and responsibilities. When we are in this place, it’s highly important to change our self-talk to be empowering and affirming. “I believe in you. You can do this. You are strong. You are brave. You are powerful.” Encourage yourself as often as you can.

Motivate yourself. Set intentions for yourself and believe you can follow through on them. When we don’t believe in ourselves, we are blocking ourselves from our true capabilities. We are depriving ourselves of the energy of our intention, and we are failing to use our power for our own benefit. Build up your confidence by talking to yourself differently. Speak to yourself with love and hope. Pray for motivation, pray for courage. Believe in your higher power and your inner strength.

Everything you do, no matter how small, congratulate yourself. You got out of bed even when you felt like you couldn’t. You took care of things. You showered and brushed your teeth. If you’ve been in crisis before, you know how insurmountable even small tasks like self-care routines can feel. Congratulate yourself. Give yourself praise for showing yourself love. Work to build up your sense of self-worth.

Congratulate yourself for the bigger things. You haven’t given up. You are still trying. You are surviving. You are on your path. You are meant to do wonderful things.

Recognize all the ways you’ve showed up for yourself and others in your life, and congratulate yourself for them. We often forget all the good we’ve done and focus on our mistakes and regrets, so dig deep and look for the good. Meditate on self-love. Praise yourself for not succumbing to your addictions and mental health problems. Congratulate yourself for your resilience.

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