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Female Cocaine Addicts

Female cocaine abuse is has been proven to differ from the male counterpart. It is well known that the predisposed female addict will be genetically more prone to addiction. You must consider the different hormones in male and females. With the substance of cocaine, a lowered amount of dopamine will cause the addict to crave this otherwise, unattainable high. However, female addicts start off in a more vulnerable state. This is caused by the increased amount of estrogen levels in women, but when lowered, the effects of cocaine are more comparable to men. Not only will the cocaine have a more intense high, it will also last longer in duration. Females also have been shown to progress in the disease quicker than males as well as finding themselves facing harsher consequences. In treatment, women learn how to cope in healthy ways that won’t include harming the body in any form. The goal is to heal from the outside in. However, the addict must rid the body of any substances before any real healing can begin.  

Female addicts suffer from a sufficient damage to the brain. This can lead to psychiatric, medical, employment and relationship problems. While addicted to cocaine, women are more likely than men, to suffer from depression and anxiety. The differences in the cerebral blood flow have been shown to be a contributing factor as to why men and women have these varying effects. Addicts in our environment is helpful in understanding that they are not alone in this process. While in treatment, it’s imperative that the patient feels they are in a safe environment. This allows for patients to communicate their feelings, which gives way for improvements and breakthroughs. The more honest and open the addict can be, the stronger of a foundation can be built. In the long run, any treatment geared towards these issues will be more effective.

The euphoria produced by cocaine is often sought after for its communicative aim. A woman suffering from low self-esteem can become influenced to reach for cocaine in social settings. With an already lesser body image, it can become a habit that an addicted woman feeds her habit at any cost. Cocaine is the boost of confidence needed to feel apart of and happy. This only last until the inevitable come down that is preceded by depression. Strokes, heart attacks, heart arrhythmias and palpitations are all prevalent as well. The cycle can go on for years until something or someone intervenes. Furthermore, overdoses tragically continue to take the addict’s life every day. The addict disregards all health concerns because the power of the addiction overrides all else. What’s most important to the addict in the disease, is how to continue anesthetizing themselves to fill an empty lingering void deep inside.

Enlightened Solutions safe and supportive detox will give the patient the ability to rid the body of it’s harmful toxins. The holistic, clinical and 12-step approach provides guidance and tools for success. This process is vital and we are qualified to help patients start their road to recovery. For more information call: 833-801-5483.

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