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Finding the Right Treatment Program

Finding the right treatment for your loved one can be very overwhelming. The type of drug, duration, and severity of addiction are factors to consider when seeking treatment. The cost of treatment can make a difference in choosing the right program, especially if insurance does not cover it.

Some programs offer in-patient residential treatment. Staff can monitor the patient’s medication and ensure the patient is going to therapy or counseling. This type of treatment facility is usually located in a remote area that boasts comfort and hospitality. People turn to drugs or alcohol to relieve stress. The serene setting of in-patient care creates a stress-free, comfortable environment for your loved one to enjoy while in treatment.

Out-patient programs allow your loved one to stay at home and go to treatment at a time that does not interfere with his or her work schedule. The patient needs to go through detox before entering any type of rehab. Medication-assisted detox can lessen the effects of withdrawal symptoms and is supervised by a medical professional. Out-patient treatment allows your loved one the flexibility to take care of personal commitments.

There are 12-step programs that are free and organized by former substance abusers. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a 12-step program for people recovering from alcohol addiction. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is for people recovering from drug addiction and Nar-Anon and Al-anon are for loved ones of the person with an addiction.

Faith-based treatment programs incorporate spiritual healing with therapy and counseling. This style of treatment is inspirational and encourages the person to stay sober. Dual-diagnosis treatment programs are for people with a substance addiction and a mental health illness. The dual-diagnosis treatment addresses both problems and helps the person through recovery.

The right treatment program for your loved one is tailored to his or her needs. In treatment, your loved one will develop plans to stay sober in recovery. Counselors will help your loved one find ways to avoid a relapse. After treatment, your loved one needs to continue group therapy where he or she will get support, encouragement, and advice from others. The right treatment for your loved one can save his or her life. Do not wait, get help today.

Enlightened Solutions offers a clinical, holistic and 12-step approach to the road to recovery.  If you’re struggling with addiction and/or mental illness, our program is specialized in dual-diagnosis treatments. Don’t hesitate and call today: 844-234-LIVE.

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