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Glorifying and Romanticizing Alcohol

When people find themselves sobering up, it’s almost impossible not to have any temptations. Depending on which state people live in, there can be alcohol at every corner and sprawled throughout stores. Americans love their alcohol and love a good party. For someone with addiction, there’s already any old reason to drink, but there is a massive amount of help by advertisers and traditions that pile on top. It’s no wonder alcohol has taken such a large role in our society.

Perhaps in the “glory days,” someone might be able to handle the bad habit, but things had clearly progressed to complete destruction by alcohol and/or drugs. However, there will forever be the chase of that first high, that first numbing feeling, the happiest moment to date. Therefore the mind constantly tell the person they can do it! They can drink or use like a gentleman! Just keep trying! The person must keep in mind the consequences while staying spiritually fit to ward off the minds justifications. After all, it might start off fun, but the person will never know where it can be taken. It’s a gamble and it’s dangerous.

People with addiction and/or alcoholism must take it day by day. It’s too overwhelming to commit to forever at that time. As long as the person stays sober that day, its progression. It can become too much to think about the loss of the relief produced by the substance, for an entire lifetime. This is when the tools tools learned in treatment and therapy should be utilized. There are ways out of these mind games. It helps to think the situation all the way through. The drink or drug might sound good at the moment, but then what? By attending 12-step meetings and focusing on spirituality, there will be more consistent focus on living sober and staying connected to God. Soon life’s highs will be associated with running towards the beauty of life, rather than running away from uncomfortable feelings and into the bottle.

Enlightened Solutions offers a clinical, holistic and 12-step approach to the road to recovery.  If you’re struggling with addiction and/or mental illness, our program is specialized in dual-diagnosis treatments. Don’t hesitate and call today: 833-801-5483.

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