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Healing from Sex Addiction

Recovering from sex addiction, just like other addictions, can involve abstinence while you’re working to heal. Unlike with other addictions where we will often choose to abstain permanently, sex and relationships are something we plan to engage in again. Taking a break from our drug or behavior of choice, sex included, doesn’t guarantee our recovery. If we haven’t healed from our underlying root issues, abstinence will not solve our problems for us, and we’ll be confronted by them all over again. The same cycles and patterns will still affect us even if we’ve taken a break from the drug or behavior in question. Abstinence, therefore, is an important element in healing but only part of the equation.

An often overlooked factor in our addictions is the physical imbalance of our energies. Our sexuality is associated with the sacral chakra, or second chakra, which also governs creativity, emotion and manifestation. When we are experiencing sexual urges or addiction, our sacral chakra’s energy can be imbalanced and unhealthy. To balance this energy, we can express our creativity in healthy ways, through art, music, writing, dance or other kind of self-expression. We can go swimming, spend time near a body of water, or perform a water ritual, as water is the element associated with this chakra.

Our emotional health is the foundation for the rest of our wellness, and to heal from addiction, we have to identify and examine the emotions that are unresolved within us that are causing the disturbances to our well-being. Are there fears we’ve been refusing to look at? Are we clinging to shame from past mistakes? Are we holding onto the grief of a loss, or the sadness from a particular traumatic experience? Whatever emotions we have yet to process will try to get our attention any way they can, in the form of conflict, pain and addiction, until we finally take heed and work to heal them. We can work to heal our wounded emotions by working with a therapist, joining a support group, using journaling and creative arts therapy, and seeking out a spiritual guide. We can talk about our feelings with people we trust, this sometimes being the hardest step for us but one of the most important in learning to process how we feel in healthy ways. Rather than continuing our patterns of denial, avoidance, distraction and suppression, we can start to really face our emotions. Getting a handle on our emotional health is perhaps the most crucial element in healing from sex addiction.

Enlightened Solutions will work with you to heal not only from your primary addiction but also from any other co-occurring conditions you might be experiencing, including sex addiction. Call (833) 801-LIVE today.

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