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How Anxiety Can Work To Your Advantage

Anxiety can be an exhausting mental disorder to have as your worries tend to take over your everyday life. The truth is that once you understand your anxiety more, you will realize that this mental disorder can work to your advantage. Anxiety has a way to make you more cautious and more protective of danger compared to typical people which can come in handy in daily situations.

Being Smarter

Having anxiety can make you very analytical. This skill can be useful if you apply for careers that involve researching, critical thinking, or analyzing. You also become smarter the more you learn and understand about anxiety. You can educate others on what triggers anxiety symptoms as well as the best way to handle them. You will be able to learn about different problem solving strategies and techniques that will help you calm your nerves. Impart your wisdom on others who are struggling with their anxiety who need a guiding hand.

Protecting Yourself

Anxiety has a way of making you constantly on edge. You may tend to think the worst about everything such as thinking the people in your life who tell you they like you are lying or that nothing will work out for you. While your worst fears may not be as bad as what happens to you in real life, it still sets in your self-preservation. Your body goes into a fight or flight response where you tense up when you feel like danger is coming because your body is preparing to defend itself. While it may seem very inconvenient to be scared all the time, that fear is existing under good intentions to protect yourself. By being aware of how quick your fear sets in, you can better control your anxiety by asking yourself whether your thoughts are accurate in the moment depending on what you see and hear. You will have a better sense of the danger surrounding and what to do.

More Attentive

It can be hard to ignore certain thoughts or situations you experience when you have anxiety. When something in particular is triggering your anxiety symptoms such as when your teacher hands you your test or when you are at party, your thoughts are telling you that something needs to be addressed. This can help you discover what kind of future endeavors you want to pursue and want to take action on since you cannot help but pay attention to what you are seeing. Another way anxiety can help you be attentive is paying attention to details that catch your eye more than anyone else’s that you cannot ignore. By going to therapy, a therapist can teach you that not every situation has to be one that triggers anxiety. You can use being attentive to draw attention to something that others should notice whether it is a good cause or if you see someone doing something wrong.

Knowing Right and Wrong

You might be feeling anxiety when you see someone getting hurt or you see that someone might be lying to you. While it is not good to always think the worst of something without knowing for sure if your thoughts are accurate, the good that can come of it is knowing what is right and wrong for you. You have an idea of what is hard for you to handle and what you expect from others. This part of this anxiety shows that you are aware of your surroundings as well as the people in your social circle.

Being an Overachiever

Having anxiety will make you feel like you have to be a perfectionist. This could have negative consequences in that you feel like you are never good enough and need to constantly push yourself. Being an anxious overachiever can mean that you have trouble turning down tasks in fear of disappointing anyone, trouble prioritizing, and have trouble working with others. If this is what you can do when faced with negative anxiety, you can use these skills towards positivity. Once you are focused and calm, you can use your motivation to get the job done without putting so much pressure on yourself. By seeing a therapist, you can learn to let go of the negativity that is pulling you back from getting the job done and learning about the strengths that you have.

Taking Action

People with anxiety let their worries stop them from taking action. It can make you feel like you cannot move when you feel in danger. This stress can actually be used to your advantage by taking action instead of remaining stuck. By not doing anything, you are letting all of that energy you have be bottled up inside of you, leaving you to continue in your panic. Use your stress response as an energy to complete small courses of action. For example, if there is someone that you are nervous to talk to, do not continue standing there frozen in fear, but use that energy instead to talk to that person.

Achieving Balance

Think of where your anxiety plays in your career, social time, rest time, etc. Think of how these elements of your life are off balanced. Instead of letting your anxiety control you, you can take the symptoms of anxiety and turn them into life skills. By finding the good in your anxiety, you are accepting of your anxiety and will be confident going forward.

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