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How Organic Eating Supports Sobriety

Do you eat organic? Some choose to search for exclusively organic ingredients for recipes, while others may buy organic produce here and there. Maybe you feel like organic foods are too expensive. You might find yourself price-comparing at your local grocery store, asking yourself if the extra few cents, or in some cases a few extra dollars, are worth it. Organic foods are free of harmful pesticides and often contain an abundance of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

If extra cost is a concern, it may be worth considering learning to grow and harvest your own organic foods. This can reduce additional costs and has many therapeutic advantages as well. Learn more about the benefits of growing your own organic produce here.

Consuming organic and nutrient-dense foods can benefit you in a variety of ways. When it comes to addiction recovery, eating a healthy diet can provide healing. It supports your sobriety by helping you feel your mental and physical best.

Mental Health Benefits

Eating a healthy, balanced diet made up of organic and nutrient-dense foods benefits your mental health in several ways. Have you experienced that sluggish midday feeling that tends to hit shortly after lunch? While this can undoubtedly be credited to a busy morning or perhaps a restless night before, it can be a result of your diet.

Eating whole and organic foods can help boost your energy and result in fewer mood fluctuations. This makes you more productive and more positive throughout each day. If you are in treatment or recovery and working to maintain your sobriety, this can be very important.

Keeping a positive outlook and staying motivated is critical throughout recovery. By eating organic and healthy foods, you are more likely to feel up to attending recovery meetings and going to therapy, and you will have the energy to engage in activities that you enjoy and can keep you busy.

Physical Health Benefits

In addition to mental health benefits, eating nutritious and organic foods can also benefit your physical health. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can take a huge toll on your physical health, often causing damage to major organs and system functions. You likely are not maintaining a healthy diet during this time and may be depriving your body of the nutrients it needs. Eating organic foods can help your body heal internally and promote restoration.

Additionally, organic foods are rich in vitamins and minerals. This can help strengthen your immune system and lead to fewer health problems. If you feel good, you can better focus on your sobriety.

Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Eating healthy and choosing organic foods can sometimes be more challenging around the holidays. You are likely to attend events where others are preparing dishes and desserts that may not be part of your typical diet. It is important to continue to eat healthy even during the holidays; however, don’t get yourself too worked up about it.

You want to be able to enjoy the time with friends and family and focus on making memories while keeping your goals in mind. Think about it this way: If you know that you will probably be having a few extra desserts one weekend, make an effort to make good food choices throughout the week. Or, be sure to balance your food choices throughout the weekend. Fill your plate with organic fruits and vegetables before having that slice of cake.

Here are a few tips for supporting your sobriety with healthy eating during the holidays:

#1 Bring Healthy Snacks

Planning ahead when it comes to the holidays is always a good idea in recovery. Just as you might plan to leave events early or bring a few of your own beverages to a party, plan to bring some healthy snacks to enjoy along with the dessert buffet at Thanksgiving.

#2 Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated complements a healthy, organic diet beautifully. Making sure you are drinking plenty of water in addition to eating well is key when it comes to feeling well after treating yourself to some pumpkin pie.

#3 Control Portion Size

Whether you are enjoying a delicious organic meal or feasting on some of grandma’s sweet potato casserole, portion size is essential to keep in mind.

#4 Avoid Overthinking or Stressing

Stressing too much about what you eat during the holidays can make your time with friends and family less enjoyable. Make efforts to stay on track and eat whole, organic foods when you can.

Holidays are meant for spending time with those you love. Sometimes, that involves sharing brownies or other treats. Making efforts to eat healthily and choosing fresh, organic foods most of the time is what it is all about. This promotes your physical and mental health and, as a result, will aid in your successful recovery journey.

Organic eating has many benefits when it comes to overall health and recovering from addiction. The better you feel mentally and physically, the more likely you are to be successful in recovery. Eating healthy promotes better focus, better sleep, and even helps balance and improve your mood. At Enlightened Solutions, we recognize the many benefits of organic eating and serve meals using the freshest organic ingredients straight from our farm and garden. We believe in the healing power of nutritious food and the ability it has to bring us together and create a sense of community. If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, we would love to teach you more about the benefits of organic eating and holistic living when it comes to addiction recovery. To learn more about our treatment programs, call Enlightened Solutions today at (833) 801-LIVE.

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