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How to Create a Healing Garden

When people are sick there are ways to encourage happiness and hope. Having a garden is proven to help people in times of distress. The natural beauty of the garden can bring a little light to the darkest day. The bright colors of a garden can stimulate the brain. Keeping it green and lush is a great way to start off. Then there should be walkways into the garden and places to sit taking it all in.

Keeping the garden authentic and real is calming. While in a sickened state, it is not recommended to contemplate pieces of art that could affect feelings any more than what might be going on, already has. Try to keep things flowing with the harmonious way that nature presents itself.

Growing different trees can attract birds. Allowing for the sounds and the simple beauty of these creatures can also be soothing. Hearing the chirping of birds can give patients the sense of being in a happy place. This can be beneficial for those who find mindful meditation helpful. In fact, those who don’t might want to try it.

It’s important to avoid any flowers that let off a strong scent. Also, try to avoid those that might consist of common allergies. The garden should be a healing place, not risk anyone’s health. With this in mind, always tend to the garden so that it doesn’t overgrown with algae or mold. Safe plants only.

Walkways and benches must be free from danger. This is important to keep in mind when it comes to people in wheelchairs or who might be unstable. This might want to be taken into consideration when designing the walking space. Rocks, dirt, or concrete.

Everyone is different and when it comes to water fountains it’s whatever you might prefer. Some find fountains relaxing, some might find them triggering. Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. As humans though, nature is apart of who we are. The earth and every living thing on it have a real connection as a whole. Being able to appreciate what a higher power had created can give anyone the feeling of gratitude for their own lives as well.

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