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How to Find Fulfillment in Recovery

So, you have completed treatment; now what? Immersing yourself back into life outside of treatment can be intimidating. Just as making the decision to seek treatment can be scary, so can leaving treatment. Both of these transitions come with major changes, many of which may be new.

Wondering what you are going to do to fill your time, make money, and live a fulfilling life after treatment is completely normal. At Enlightened Solutions, we aim to give you a clear direction and help you understand what you want to be and do after treatment. We offer a variety of transitional opportunities for work and residential accommodations. As you enter treatment, we begin working with you to establish goals, purpose, and a sense of community that you can carry with you after treatment and into recovery.

Good Health

Enlightened Solutions places a huge priority on helping you heal your body, mind, and spirit after addiction. One of the ways in which we promote this is by encouraging a healthy diet and active lifestyle. By eating organic, fresh foods, you are able to live a healthier life.

Through our programs at Enlightened Farm, we teach you how to grow and harvest organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs so that you are able to take these skills and apply them to your life after treatment.

Occupational Success

Work after treatment might be a huge concern and burden for you. You may have lost your job when you decided to enter treatment. This is a big sacrifice and can serve as a barrier to treatment for you. Perhaps you have a trade or specific skillset you can use to find employment relatively easily. Or maybe you feel lost and unsure of where to begin when it comes to finding a job after treatment. With employment gaps that may be tough to explain or legal charges as a result of addiction, securing a job in recovery can be difficult.

At Enlightened Solutions, we try to offer some relief when it comes to working in recovery. Our programs at Enlightened Farm teach job skills, build confidence, and help you transition back into the workforce after treatment. We provide opportunities for you to utilize your talents and develop new abilities through various activities. We also offer programs for volunteering and community service and provide opportunities for paid employment.

Residential Stability

After deciding to enter treatment, you may find that you do not have a stable, safe home environment to go back to. You may have been living with others who engage in substance abuse or may have even been homeless. Having a home that feels safe and stable in recovery is critical.

It is common to transition into a corresponding sober living facility following inpatient treatment. This allows you to stay connected with our program and provides support as needed. Of course, you will not be supervised around the clock as you were during treatment, but this can serve as an excellent next step prior to living completely independently again.

Healthy Relationships and Connections

Social circles and friend groups are bound to change for you after treatment. Usually, the people you had spent your time with before entering treatment engage in similar behaviors that would not benefit you to be around in recovery. In fact, spending time with the same people or in the same environments can be triggering and lead to destructive thinking and even relapse.

It is crucial to have a solid and reliable support network around you in recovery. Enlightened Solutions makes every effort to establish a sense of community for our clients. We do this through our wellness and nutrition groups, group therapy sessions, and our various community events that are open to the public. This allows existing clients, past clients, and other like-minded community members to come together in fellowship.

Finding Fulfillment in Recovery

Finding your purpose in life after treatment and in recovery can be hard. In a sense, you may feel like you are starting over completely. Whether your addiction lasted months, years, or even decades, the sensation of starting fresh is the same, which is not a bad thing. It is important to embrace the changes you have gone through and appreciate your progress.

Whether you find great fulfillment in having a remarkable career, having close friendships and supportive networks, or simply having a safe and stable home you are proud of, we can help you. The person you become after going through the treatment process is full of potential. You deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life in recovery.

Finding fulfillment in life after treatment is possible. Consider what is most important to you. Examples could include a stable home, a good career, a healthy lifestyle, and positive connections and relationships. These things are very attainable in recovery. You have worked hard to overcome your battle with addiction and can now pursue your goals in recovery. At Enlightened Solutions, we support clients in discovering and becoming the best, healthiest version of themselves. We facilitate activities to promote personal growth and healing and provide clients with the tools they need to succeed in recovery. We help you identify what a fulfilling life might look like for you, and support you in achieving it. If you or someone you care about could benefit from our holistic treatment approach, we would love to hear from you. To begin your journey to fulfillment in recovery, contact Enlightened Solutions today.

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