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Identifying Traits Of Addiction Might Mean Identifying An Addict Early On

Temperament is defined as your nature and natural behavioral patterns. A new anti drug program being tested in different parts of the world is looking at helping children understand their temperament. The philosophy is that understanding one’s unique character traits can help children understand the different ways they might be at risk for drug use and addiction. Individualizing prevention, education, and awareness regarding drug addiction makes sense. One of the essential traits of choosing a treatment center for a loved one needing recovery from addiction is individualized programming. Snowflakes falling from the sky all look to be snowflakes. Put under a microscope, every single snowflake has an intricate design that is exclusively theirs. Addiction, as well as treatment for addiction, is not just snow falling from the sky. So to say, though there are many similarities, each person’s journey of addiction and recovery are completely different. Not every person is genetically predisposed for addiction, grew up in an abusive home, has a co-occurring mental health disorder, or experienced trauma in their lifetime. A most beneficial programming component for all who enter treatment for recovery from addiction is learning about the self and what underlying issues brought the self to become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Four traits are highlighted by the program as being what makes a young person most at risk for experimenting with drug use and potentially developing addiction: Sensation-Seeking, Impulsiveness, Anxiety Sensitivity, Hopelessness. Author, journalist, addiction specialist, and recovering addict Maia Szalavtiz points out that each of these traits are connected to mental illness. Impulsiveness is a trait of ADHD, hopelessness is a trait of depression, anxiety sensitivity, is linked to panic disorder. Sensation-seeking, while not connected to its own diagnosis, is for many a form of escapism which could indicate social personality disorders.

Interestingly, divorcing the disease model of addiction from the negative associations of personality and character is the agenda for many addiction recovery advocates. Addiction is not an illness of immorality but of mental illness. Personality testing can identify the traits of both addiction and mental illness before the development of problematic drug use or experimentation.

Prevention and early intervention are two key approaches to fighting a new generation of young people addicted to drugs.

Enlightened Solutions works closely with each patient who comes through our doors to design a highly individualized treatment plan to address each unique part of their addiction. As a licensed dual-diagnosis treatment facility, we have the distinguished ability to treat both addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. For more information on our levels of care and programs of treatment, call 833-801-5483.

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