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Inner Demons

We often hear the expression “inner demons,” but what do we mean by that? Our inner demons are the thoughts and beliefs we have that we find most troubling, that are often recurring or obsessive, and that can cause us a lot of distress. They are our complexes, or thought addictions, that are essentially a manifestation of our subconscious fears.

Those of us with addictions and mental health challenges can find ourselves feeling tormented by our inner demons. Sometimes we feel haunted or tortured by them, and they can be relentless. They tell us lies and feed off of the illusions of the ego mind. They tell us that we are inadequate or inferior to other people, that we don’t deserve love, that we are destined to fail. We believe their lies, and as a result, they can do a number on our self-esteem and sense of self.

For some of us, our inner demons are not just thought addictions but also compulsions, and we suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Some of us may experience our inner demons as other difficult anxiety disorders, such as Social Anxiety, and we may have a very hard time interacting with other people. We may have an inadequacy or inferiority complex, where we are constantly consumed with fear that we’re not good enough or that others are superior to us. We may struggle with certain phobias.

Like many of our emotional issues, our inner demons come from the stored emotional memory of our subconscious minds. Years of repetition make these troubling thoughts our default thought patterns, and sometimes our inner demons drown out any other lines of thinking. We might find it especially difficult to think positively, or to focus elsewhere. Our inner demons can be all-consuming.

One way we can reprogram our subconscious minds to drown out the inner demons is to write and repeat affirmations that teach our minds a new truth. “My subconscious mind is on my side. It wants what is best for me. It is my friend and ally. I believe in myself. I love myself.” Over time, our minds absorb this new perspective of cooperating with us rather than attacking us. You might find that with practice, your inner voice becomes less critical of you and more supportive and encouraging instead. The goal is to feel liberated, and mentally and emotionally free, no longer haunted by your inner demons.

Part of recovery is learning to work with the complexities of our minds. Enlightened Solutions offers therapy, mentoring, recovery planning and more, with a focus on holistic healing. Call (833) 801-LIVE.

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