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Intending Sobriety

The power of setting an intention is immeasurable. Sobriety must always remain the first priority for those with addiction and all else that truly matters will be there when the time is right. Many things are replaceable in life, but family and life itself is not. When a person is ready to get help, the first intention will be set into action. There must be a look into the devastating effects the disease had over life’s unmanageable circumstances. Over time the disease of addiction takes and takes and there might seem like there is no hope for a bright future. Entering treatment and genuinely wanting to change gives patients the opportunity to work on this intention through many forms of therapy.

Each day patients spend sober, the more empowering it is to live life without unhealthy behaviors. The sober mind is allowed to set goals and find passions that had been covered up by the dark energy. This shows to be a natural high and through a connection with a higher power, it is possible to attain. It is suggested to say affirmations, mantras, prayers and to sit in meditation to find the guidance of which step to take next. Letting go of the traumas of the past will pave the way for the bodies chakras to generate true love with the universe.

Treatment is a safe place for the cleansing process of substance addiction and beginning the healing process of recovery. The bodies holistic space had always been there and it’s possible to clear it’s vessel once again. Once a person with addiction and/or alcoholism begins down a path to recovery, sobriety is only the first intention out of many to come. Some people have visions for themselves such as families, jobs, and happiness. Anything is possible if there is the willingness to work the solution of sobriety. Letting the intuition open the doors to a new freedom will give back lost hope. By redirecting the minds negative talk to positive, people will find themselves feeling better inside and out.


Enlightened Solutions partial program offers guidance of the body, mind, and soul. If you are looking to move forward from the past and find peace, the time is now. Letting go of addictive substances and traumas will give you the strength you need to live a life of beauty and serenity. Call for more information today: 833-801-5483.

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