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Is My Social Life Fueling My Addiction?

Have you ever heard people say, “You are the company you keep”? There is some truth to this. The people you surround yourself with can have a significant influence on the way you think and behave. They can also contribute to determining what you spend your time doing.

You are likely to hang around people who share your interests and hobbies. For instance, if you enjoy surfing or yoga, you might have friends who also like to participate in these activities. If you enjoy art or music, you may have friends who share these passions.

Sometimes, you may end up spending time around certain groups of people as a result of other factors. One example could include your job. Depending on your occupation, your role may require you to work closely with others. Often, friendships and relationships can form as a result of the time spent with coworkers.

When you meet new people and begin to spend more time with them, you may find yourself conforming to some of their habits and lifestyle choices. If you spend a lot of time with people who drink alcohol or use substances, you are more likely to do so yourself.

Assessing Your Social Circles

If you are battling addiction, it can be common to hang around others who are living with similar struggles. This often makes obtaining alcohol, benzos, opioids, or other substances more convenient. It also reduces the fear of judgment or rejection.

With addiction often comes some distance or strain on relationships with family members and loved ones. If you know they would not support your substance abuse, you will likely spend less time with them. This being the case, you are probably spending most of your time with people who also use drugs or drink alcohol and less time with those who do not. You may even be avoiding those who care for you the most.

The Role of Your Environment

When you consider your social life and the places you frequent, what do those places look like? If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may be spending a lot of your time going to bars, parties, or attending other social events that have substances present. Or, you may be spending time alone in isolated areas that allow for more open substance use.

The unfortunate truth is that being in these environments will likely encourage your substance abuse to continue. Despite your efforts to try to stop drinking or using drugs, being around alcohol or substances can make it very difficult to stick to your goals.

Further, continuing to attend the same parties, venues, or locations once in recovery can lead to relapse. Amid your efforts to refrain from substance use, it is best to avoid places that could be tempting or triggering.

Making a Change and Seeking Help

Friends are important, and most people want to have some sort of social life. When it comes to socializing, people tend to be creatures of habit. We often spend our time with a handful of the same people, going to the same places and doing many of the same things. This applies to substance use and spending time with people and in places that cater to this habit. Breaking this cycle can be difficult.

Fear of change can often serve as a deterrent for some when it comes to seeking treatment. Leaving behind friends and activities and avoiding places you have grown accustomed to can be a little unsettling.

The fact is that when you decide to enter treatment, you are making a choice to walk away from the things that nurtured and encouraged your addiction. Often, this includes people and places you may have grown fond of.

Finding a New Community of Peers

In order to really start fresh and begin to heal, you need new friends, hobbies, and environments. At Enlightened Solutions, we offer a variety of group activities to encourage relationship-building. This promotes peer-to-peer support and can lead to strong bonds with others that can carry into recovery.

We understand the value of a good support system and connectedness within the community. We encourage you to get involved and build your network through our programs at our Enlightened Farm and other community outreach opportunities.

Leaving your old life behind to enter recovery can be hard and even a little sad for some. Eliminating certain people or activities and substances can leave a void. The key is to fill the void with people and things that serve your new lifestyle. You can turn your life around by seeking treatment for your addiction. Through our programs at Enlightened Solutions, you can have a fulfilling social life in recovery.

Having a social life is important for most people. When it comes to addiction and recovering from substance abuse, it is essential to consider the ways in which your social life and those around you contribute to your drinking or drug use. Making the decision to seek treatment often means cutting some people and places out of your life. While this can be difficult, it is often best. At Enlightened Solutions, we help clients form new habits, friendships, and routines that support their sobriety and goals in recovery. If you or someone you care about is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, we would love to help. To begin your journey to recovery, call Enlightened Solutions today at (833) 801-LIVE.

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