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Lavender Should be Everywhere in Early Recovery

Lavender is a vital herbal support for anyone in early recovery.  It can bolster early recovery process through medicinal, self-care, mindfulness and spiritual applications.  Like many herbs, it can be explored in its living plant form, dried herbal form or also as an essential oil.  When engaging the essential oil, remember to mix it in a carrier oil, such as coconut or almond, to avoid sensitive skin reactions.  

Medicinally, lavender can support many of the physiological challenges that the body faces as it begins to detox and restore itself.  Some of the medicinal properties of lavender are anxiety reduction, digestive support and as a support to insomnia. In herbalist terms, lavender is an analgesic, anti-allergenic, antibacterial, antirheumatic, antispasmodic and a central nervous system sedative.  

Lavender can also be engaged in soothing self-care practices which are essential to early recovery.  A significant layer to the healing journey of the addict is to learn to be peacefully with their internal self and self-care practices are a safe way to explore this. Self-care practices that can be engaged with lavender are to take a warm bath with some drops of lavender essential oil. Another application can be to mix some drops of lavender oil in with some oil and practice self-massage.  Massaging the feet can be especially powerful to support the grounding and calming effect of lavender.  

Lavender as an essential oil can become a mindfulness practice.  Mindfulness is the practice of slowing or stopping the mental chatter and more fully occupying your body and senses in the present moment.  The simple act of smelling the lavender essential oil will expand your mindful presence.  It is powerful bridge to our mindfulness that we may not be able to access without this important tool.  

If possible, also get to know lavender in its living plant form.  There are many varieties and they often have some kind of beautiful soft lavender bud on a gentle green stem.  Sometimes, the buds will have tiny, darker purple flowers on them and are velvety to touch.Lavender represents the softness that we seek on this healing journey and models powerfully the practice of pruning and new growth that is available through it.  

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