In society today, we have access to a massive amount of material goods. Materialism has taken a large space in the lives of people almost everywhere in the world. One could say though, that the more accumulated, the more miserable the person. When people with addiction problems find shopping to be an easy escape, it’s because there’s a need to fill an empty void that lingers subconsciously. When an addict feels the compulsion to buy things, an underlying uncomfortable feeling has been triggered. Shopping addiction is a real psychiatric disorder going back to the early nineteenth century. There are consequences of these purchases and even though shopping addicts know better, it happens anyway. Similarly to alcoholism, the addict had already relapsed in their mind before it had actually taken place.

Impulsively spending money on unnecessary objects has been proven to only provide happiness for a small period of time. The addict will many times find themselves in tight spots when it could have been prevented. Credit card debt piles up and soon enough, shopping addicts resort to filing for bankruptcy. This madness can be contained by simply feeling the pain and difficulty that life has to offer. The idea that pain is bad, leads people to avoid it at any cost. In actuality, those who handle their pain by understanding and processing through will find that they are free to live without obsessing about something shiny and new. Being courageous to walk through the pain will always have its benefits in the long term. It’s not easy, but neither is dealing with creditors.

Being in denial about spending too much money on material objects is how things can get out of control, fast. Acceptance is always the first step in the right direction. Once the healing has begun, the addict will be able to see what they had been missing for so long. A gratitude list is always suggested to get a grasp on reality. Decluttering the addicts like will be an eye-opening experience. Purging unwanted stuff, and still feeling happy is a true transformation of a shopping addict. It can be easy to swap one addiction for another, which is why this is common in early sobriety. To continue down a spiritual path will always result in appreciation created by God, and not sweat shops with children working for low wages.

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