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Loss of Control

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

One of the scariest and most alarming side effects that can accompany addiction is a feeling of loss of control. We’re well aware that our addictions cause us to feel out of control pertaining to our addictive drug or behavior of choice, but what we are often less aware of is how out of control we can feel in all other areas of our lives. Addiction chips away at everything – our sense of self-control and discipline, our ability to conduct ourselves in healthy ways, our productivity and fulfillment. We can feel like we’re losing our connection to ourselves.

When struggling with addiction, we can start to experience a decline in our mental and emotional health. We might start to feel as though we can’t control our thoughts, feelings and actions. We might experience our behavior becoming increasingly more erratic and irrational. We might do dangerous things, such as drive drunk or disappear with strangers. The people around us might struggle to understand the things we say and do. They grow increasingly worried about us. We might speak incoherently and act in confusing ways that are painful for our loved ones to witness. We might become more impulsive and compulsive. We might be more reactive, overwhelmed and easily triggered.

We can have a hard time processing our thoughts and can become more confused, panicked and overwhelmed. We might struggle to understand even simple things. We can feel as though we’re nearing a mental breakdown, like we’re going crazy. These lesser-known side effects of addiction can be extremely scary and debilitating. We can struggle to hold onto our sanity. Our serenity and peace of mind can feel as though they’ve left us for good. We wonder if we’ll ever get our normal lives back.

Feeling this sort of loss of control can make us isolate ourselves even more than we already do because we’re worried people will think we’re crazy or dangerous. We might be hesitant to reach out for help because we’re afraid of people and inundated with thoughts of paranoia. We might feel unsafe no matter what we do. We feel a danger within ourselves that we can’t escape.

When we are in this painful place, sometimes the last thing we can do is reassure ourselves. We’re not thinking clearly or rationally. As much as you can, try to stay calm and remind yourself that you’ll get through this. Seek out the help of a trusted friend. Any time you feel in danger, don’t hesitate to go to the hospital, and if you feel suicidal, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

We understand the various effects of addiction, including the ones we don’t commonly talk about. The Enlightened Solutions community has years of personal and professional experience with recovery. Call us today: (833) 801-LIVE.

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