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Magnesium For Depression

A graduate student put holistic health to the test in her clinical study on the effectiveness in using magnesium for treating depression. Published in PLoS One, the six week study observed how over 100 adults with mild to moderate depression reacted to 248 milligrams of magnesium taken daily. Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrient based health supplements are often suggested as a way to support other treatments for depression. Most commonly, depression is treated with pharmaceutical medications and therapy. In addition, lifestyle changes like incorporating more exercise, which has been scientifically proven to reduce the symptoms of depression, are encouraged.

There is an ongoing argument about the validity of “holistic” or “natural” treatments to clinical programs. Many believe that food is medicine and that food is indeed better than modern medicine. Natural supplements like magnesium could replace pharmaceutical medications. You should not stop taking medications like mood stabilizers or antidepressants without consulting your doctor and creating a plan for tapering off the medications. In the meantime, natural supplements can help reduce the symptoms of depression and enhance the life of someone living in recovery from it.

The study found that participants who took the magnesium supplement had improvements in their symptoms of depression in as little as two weeks. Unlike pharmaceutical medications which come with a rambling list of risks and side effects, the magnesium, being a natural supplement, was well-tolerated by the participants without any driving circumstance, including the use of other medications.

Magnesium is used as a calming agent for mental and physical ailments. Magnesium oil spray, for example, can help ease the tension of sore and achy muscles. Taking magnesium supplements can help ease the tension of all muscles, including the brain which is a muscle itself.



Using natural supplements to support recovery from depression is important for creating a holistic approach. Holistic treatment includes the mind, the body, and the spirit. Too often, one or more of these areas are neglected. For example, a heavy reliance on pharmaceutical medications to support the mind might turn against supporting the body and the spirit. Exercise, mindfulness, and meditation are all recommended. Depression is often a side effect of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction as well as a commonly co-occurring disorder.


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