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MDMA Addiction: 3 Signs

The popular club drug, commonly known as ecstasy, is highly addictive and can be extremely harmful when abused. If you are concerned you or a loved one are struggling with MDMA addiction, look for these signs.

Change In Mental Health: MDMA is a mix of many different drugs unless it is pure, which is rare. In the brain, MDMA interacts with different chemicals, producing an array of reactions. Primarily, MDMA interacts with serotonin, which is a brain chemical which helps regulate emotion. Creating extremely high states of pleasure and euphoria can create a deficit after using MDMA. Many normal users in addition to addicts describe a “come down” period where they are severely depressed. Thoughts as though they may never feel the pleasure and happiness they felt while under the influence of MDMA are common. Overtime, at addictive and abusive levels of use, this depression can last long term. As the brain becomes increasingly dependent upon MDMA for producing chemical reactions of happiness, pleasure, and joy, it becomes unable to produce these sensations on its own.

Physical Health Problems: MDMA is an amphetamine and a stimulant, similar to cocaine. The reason MDMA is a popular club drug is because of the way it creates high amounts of energy for dancing and partying for days on end. Like other amphetamines and stimulants, MDMA can cause health problems in the heart. A constantly racing heart rate can cause hyperventilation. Problematically, in the club, rave, and music festival environment, there is a high amount of heat. MDMA can raise body temperature, in addition to all of the dancing and the close proximity of many warm bodies. Becoming severely dehydrated is a dangerous side effect of MDMA which can lead to muscle tension, dizziness, and immediate issues in the kidneys. Long term kidney damage can cause serious health complications. Lastly, MDMA can cause a problem with dental health. Clenching and grinding teeth is common under the influence of MDMA. Jaw problems, teeth health, neck, and headache issues can result.

Cravings For MDMA/Experience Of MDMA: A sign of any addiction is experiencing cravings for a drug when not under the influence of that drug. Because the experience of being under the influence of MDMA is so emotionally strong, many people find they don’t just crave the drug itself but the entire experience of being on MDMA in any environment. As a result, life might become second in priority to spending time with people who take with MDMA, going to clubs, raves, parties, festivals, or other environments which support it.

MDMA addiction shouldn’t be overlooked. Many have lost their lives or suffered severe and permanent health damages due to the abuse of MDMA. If you are struggling with club drug addiction, call Enlightened Solutions today. Our continuum of partial care programs bring together the best of scientific and holistic healing. For more information call 833-801-5483.

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