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Meditation to Manage Our Emotions

Many of us with mental health problems and addictions can find it very difficult to manage and navigate our painful emotions. Our minds and hearts can react to stressors, challenges and triggers in self-destructive ways rather than choosing healthy coping strategies, especially when we have experienced trauma which can program subconscious mind to be destructive rather than protective. There are many holistic tips, techniques and remedies to help us work with our emotions in ways that support us in creating inner peace for ourselves. Meditation is one of the best things out there, and while it isn’t always easy, it is worth every minute we devote to the practice.

There are countless forms of meditation to explore, both for beginners and those looking to incorporate new methods into their practice. Meditators come to learn that there is no such thing as perfection when it comes to meditation. It really is about the process and the practice, the journey rather than the destination. If the end goal is enlightened consciousness, the journey is a strengthening of mind, body, heart, soul and spirit. Any form of meditation you choose can help you, whether it be focusing on your breath or on a single point such as a candle flame, repeating mantras and affirmations, practicing visualization, doing a walking meditation, meditatively creating art, or practicing mindfulness while going about our daily routine.

The health benefits of meditation are numerous and continue to be studied extensively. What you might notice right away when meditating is an increased sense of calm and peace, especially in response to things that usually trouble you. You might find yourself becoming less reactive to your usual stressors and triggers. You may find yourself less quick to anger, and more inclined to choose forgiveness and healthy detachment. You might find it easier to come up with solutions to the problems that once overwhelmed and confused you. When meditating, your heart rate and breathing slow down, bringing an increased sense of overall wellness and contentment. When meditating, we often find it easier to enter into a place where we can connect with our spirituality, communicate with our higher power, and receive divine messages in the form of signs and guidance. Meditating teaches us to prioritize following our intuition, to really listen to our instincts, and to trust ourselves, as we carry infinite wisdom within us. Whatever emotional problems we might be facing, meditation has the power to open up new and powerful channels for healing.

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