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Mindful Breathing

Some of the most simple things people forget to do make the biggest impacts of how we live our day to day lives. From day one all life on earth begins this one survival method; breath in and breath out. There are many things in life you can live without for quite a while, but the breath does not fall in line. As stress builds it is easy to hold the breath or begin to take quick, shallow breaths. This is when the mind will begin to make questionable decisions because of the lack of oxygen going to the brain. Often times, while engaging in harmful substances it becomes difficult to take deep breaths which can also show how the bodies chakras have been clogged with unhealthy energy.

Mindful meditation is an easy way for anyone to recenter at any moment that feels unmanageable. All people have trauma, which can get triggered by at any point in the day. When this happens the body tenses up and can feel as if it’s become heavier. This would be considered post-traumatic stress disorder. There are simple ways to get past this point without becoming so lost that a wrong turn can be made to instead, to numb these painful memories.

What is recommended is to lay or sit down where it is possible to feel grounded to the earth. Begin to think about a happy, calm place such as the beach. Imagine the waves crashing over the sand and the way the water calmly settles thereafter. Begin to gather the sounds of the wind, the touch of the sand and proceed to focus on the breath. While breathing consciously try to slowly inhale for a few seconds, and exhale for a few seconds. Now begin to let it all out in the exhale with any sounds of relief. Continue doing this and add in a mantra or affirmation. Say this over and over again until you can regather. At this point, the body should feel more at peace and calm. The body and breath are all human beings really have for survival at its core. At some point, it might be smart to listen to what’s going on from the part of the body that’s been there the whole time.

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