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Natural Healing and Recovery

Before the modernization of medicine and the development of analgesics used in early surgeries like ether or opium-derived morphine, civilization depended on the use of nature. Though many people today refer to it as naturopathy or homeopathy, civilizations have been using the healing properties of plants, flowers, leaves, barks, and herbs, for thousands of years.

Edward Bach was a practicing British physician, who developed stomach cancer. He had left generalized and modernized medicine to purse homeopathy. Upon his diagnosis he left the city and retreated to nature where he studied the healing essences of flowers. As with most disciplines of holistic healing, Bach believed that physical symptoms were manifestations of deeper emotional conflicts. By using the essence and energy of certain plants, Bach found emotional resonance in treating different areas of the body.

Author () believes that chronic back pain is a sign of stress. Healing Back Pain (check title of book) adheres to the doctrine that making lifestyle shifts which appease to a greater balance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, will cure pain. Beneath the aches and pains of stress is actual emotional stress. Many are not aware of how their body manifests their emotional state. Mostly, this is due to the fact that society is not emotionally articulate. We are inept at connecting emotion and body because we are lacking in vocabulary and understanding regarding emotion. Solving emotional complications is complex, intangible, and confounding. Solving physical problems in the modern world is easy- take a pill. Since there is such a simple solution to the symptom which causes dis-ease, there is little need to look beyond the problem.

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a holistic healing process; not because of holistic practices but because true healing requires integration of mind, body, and spirit. Using holistic practices like essential oils and homeopathy can add benefit to the evidence-based treatment methods used in addiction recovery facilities.

Essential Oils for Recovery




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