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Nature for Recovery

One might find that being out in nature is that of being with God. Those who struggle with addiction or mental disorders live a life full of fear. When there is fear, there is no faith and this faith can be disguised in many different ways. While in the disease nothing matters as much as staying numb to the world outside. Alcohol and drugs will hinder the addict’s ability to see true beauty in mother nature. While in early recovery it’s essential to spend time outside. There are multiple reasons besides the fresh air. It’s a natural remedy for mild depression as well. Addict who had been isolating will find that they begin to feel more energized and optimistic about the future. The addict who embraces the outdoors will find a sense of calm and ease that only life outside can give forth. Being outside always gives way for activity and that alone will promote a new healthy lifestyle.

Gardening is a way to connect with mother earth. Treatment centers encourage patients to become responsible for the plant’s outcome. Learning to take care of and respect another living thing is a step in the right direction towards the addicts growth process. Taking proper care of a garden also gets the addict out of their head. The mind will keep running if you let it, and if you give it that choice it will. Gardening can be therapeutic and meditative. Focusing on something other than the self is the same concept as an addict helping another addict. Self-absorption is what drives addiction. Caring for a garden can give the addict the opportunity to be nurturing and this brings out emotions from deep inside that must come out to move forward in life.

Besides all of the wonderful therapeutic advantages of being outside, it’s a simple, easy way to relax. Nature helps release happy hormones, which means we’re reminded what’s good for ourselves just by taking a hike. Staying in the day is sometimes difficult for addicts to comprehend, but once again, being outside will help with this as well. Addicts need to keep in mind that there is no time like the present, and it’s unnecessary to stress about the future. An addict shouldn’t plan to be sober a year from now, just for the next day, maybe an hour, or minute. It’s a journey and addicts can easily forget what life has to offer while in the disease. Being outside truly brings the addict back to the basics. Life has its simple pleasures and that doesn’t include drinking or using.

Enlightened Solutions believes in grounding an addict’s chaotic lifestyle. Our holistic approach guides our patients to find peace through the simple pleasures in life. Call 833-801-5483 today for information on our partial care programs in New Jersey.

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