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Negativity on Television

There’s something to be said when it comes to being gifted with happiness. There aren’t a lot of reasons why people want to be stressed out and unhappy. However, there are thousands of movies and tv shows with a lot of negative content that come right into the living rooms of families across the world. The news can send the happiest person into a temporary state of depression. Right now there’s a plentitude of distress and sadness in our world. Although this is true, there is also a lot of beauty in the world.

The question of whether the glass is half empty or glass half full, is fairly common. This will determine if a person can handle life’s difficulties without slipping down the rabbit hole into a deep depression. Saying this, people do have good days and bad days, but let’s take a look into why these days are good and bad in the first place. What might influence a day to be generally better?

In sobriety, it’s crucial to stay spiritually fit. This simply means, to have a constant connection with a higher power. As one continues to ask for guidance and stays in gratitude, it’s more likely there will be generally more joy in life. When someone begins to slip away from serving others and meditation, it will almost always lead to the road to becoming a victim and soon thereafter, a relapse. It doesn’t help that much of what’s considered entertainment, glorifies alcohol. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Do yourself a favor and turn on the GAIA channel and learn about spirituality and beauty. Watching the latest season of disgruntled housewives yell at one another will never give anyone anything but displaced agony. This might seem extreme, but if you look at the big picture, over time the company you keep reflects your personality. If the company is violence and history on the television, what might begin to reflect back? For those who are feeling hopeless and cannot control life anymore, it’s time to get into a treatment, where life lessons can be learned in a safe environment.

If you are struggling to find the right path in life and cannot quit abusing substances, begin on a spiritual path with us today. We at Enlightened Solutions want to help you find who you are inside, and begin to heal. For more information please call us today at 833-801-5483.

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