This is Your Daily Reminder: You Have a Purpose

Close your eyes. Notice your thoughts. See that? You have thoughts. You are thinking. Despite their painfulness, the horrible things they are saying to you, the dreadful memories of the past they are replaying or the stressful worries of the future…

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Understanding Addiction in the Brain: Pleasure

Addiction is a deeply misunderstood occurrence in the mind. Societal norms and cultural standards sadly contribute to the prevalence of stigma and shame surrounding addiction. Until recent years, addiction has been viewed through a lens of…

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What Happens to Our Memories?

The human memory has difficulty recalling experience before the age of about three years old. Humorously, we adopt this fact as if there is little significance to the first two years of our development. Psychologically, we have been convinced that…

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7 Lessons from Practicing Mindfulness

Being mindful...isn’t that hard. Building a mindfulness practice requires just a few minutes today. Thanks to technology, developing a mindfulness practice is easier than ever. Long gone are the days of having to travel to ashrams or pay exorbitant…

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ACOA Traits by Geoff Flower

This week our Enlightened Solutions partial care group were educated on Adult Children Of Alcoholics (ACOA) traits.  We have found that many of our clients have grown up in families in which substance abuse has been present.  Addiction is a family…

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