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Not Sleeping? These Could Be The Reasons Why

Sleep is a time where the body can relax and heal in between active days of growth. If you’re not sleeping, look to some of these reasons. If you’re continuing to have a hard time sleeping, talk to your counselor or doctor.

You’re Napping Too Much

Napping feels like the answer to a lack of sleep. Unfortunately, napping during the day does not make up for lost time the night before, even when they feel refreshing. Too much napping can lead to disturbed sleep. If you sleep a lot during the day and don’t sleep at night, that could be your reason why.

You Use Your Phone Before Sleep

The blue light behind phone and computer screens have been scientifically proven to create mental stimulation. Too much screen time before bed can cause your brain to think it is awake. The blue light is meant to simulate daylight, which triggers the brain to be awake. Try installing an app like F.lux which darkens your screen with natural tones as the night time hours increase.

You’re Processing Something

Your mind might be running because you’re coming up on a breakthrough in treatment and in therapy. Even if you can’t completely articulate it yet, you feel as though your brain is hard at work on a secret mission. Try to meditate and drink some herbal tea, trusting that the relief will come soon.

You’re Avoiding Something

If you aren’t processing something than you might be avoiding something. Ignoring and avoiding your feelings takes a lot more work than it used to! Without drugs and alcohol, it is harder to stuff down things you don’t want to deal with. That stress can cause you to stay awake and be restless.

You’re Drinking Too Much Caffeine

Coffee, caffeinated teas, sugar, and energy drinks are all going to keep you buzzed and awake. A general rule is to stop consuming caffeine around four or five o’clock. You’ll give your body enough time to metabolize the caffeine and circle it out of the system.

You’re Hungry

Another thing that might be keeping your system alert is hunger. Generally it isn’t the best choice to eat late at night. If you haven’t eaten enough during the day or skipped over dinner, a quick meal might be what you need to fall asleep. Avoid fried, oily foods- the digestion process will keep you awake.

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