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One Day at a Time

Our addictions, emotional challenges and mental health issues can be so damaging and destructive that we become consumed with fear, especially fear of the future. We experience anxiety and panic about the unknown. Being unable to live with uncertainty can be paralyzing. We dread what’s to come and often think in terms of worst-case scenarios. “Will I ever recover? Will I always hurt the people I love? Will I ever get out of this?”

When our mindset is based in negativity and fear, it can feel impossible to be hopeful and optimistic. People use all kinds of sayings to help themselves get through life’s challenges, and one we commonly hear is “One day at a time.” When we are filled with anxiety, how do we implement this idea, and how can it help us?

It starts with a conscious choice to choose to take things day by day, and to bring our focus back to that concept over and over again. Every time our minds leap to fears about the future, we can repeat “one day at a time” as an affirmation to help calm and soothe ourselves. We can remember that as much as we might try to plan, life will always throw us unexpected curveballs. It is up to us to take each challenge in stride with as much grace, patience and flexibility as possible, one day at a time.

This new mentality helps us to live in the moment and appreciate the small, beautiful everyday things in life that we often take for granted. Taking the time to watch the sunset, choosing to be present and attentive with a loved one rather than rushing through a conversation, giving energy to gratitude throughout our day- all of these can help us to stay grounded and centered in the present moment. This can drastically reduce our anxiety, panic and overwhelm. It helps us to focus on individual moments of happiness, which helps us manifest more happiness and grow our sense of wellbeing.

Taking things one day at a time requires that we practice consciously choosing faith. Can we choose to have faith in the unfolding of our lives? Can we choose to trust in divine timing? Can we choose to believe that our higher power is working with us for our highest good? This can be a challenge for many of us who are accustomed to letting our fearful anxiety dictate our thoughts, choices and actions. When we relax into our faith, we allow the flow of healing to come to us. When we act out of fear, we block that healing.

Learning new coping strategies is an important part of recovery. Enlightened Solutions can help you find techniques that work for you. Call (833) 801-LIVE.

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