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Our Subconscious Blocks to Healing and Recovery

Many of us who experience addiction and mental health issues have beliefs stored in our subconscious minds that are blocking us from healing. We have often been fueling and deepening these beliefs for many years. It takes a change in our consciousness to undo the subconscious programming holding us back from recovery and inner peace.

Here are some of the limiting beliefs we tend to perpetuate with the ways in which we think and speak about our challenges.

“Once an addict, always an addict.”

Many of us are in recovery and are living proof that it is possible to create a new life for yourself. This is not to say that recovery is easy, or that once in recovery you’ll never relapse, but when we believe recovery is impossible, we cut ourselves off from having the faith in ourselves we need in order to get better.

“I can do it alone. I don’t need help.”

Sometimes we are afraid to ask for support because we’re ashamed of ourselves. Sometimes we’re prideful and embarrassed and don’t want anyone to know how bad our issues have become. Sometimes we naïvely think we don’t need the support of other people. We come to learn that there is no shame in asking for help, and that getting support can mean the difference between drowning in our problems and saving ourselves.

“I don’t deserve to live. I want to die.”

Our addictions and depression are often accompanied by suicidal thoughts, Over time our thoughts form our beliefs, and many of us have come to believe that we are inadequate and unworthy of love, that our shame and regrets mean we don’t deserve to live. We don’t feel we deserve help. Sometimes we are in so much pain we see suicide as the only way to escape it.

It can help to remember that our thoughts are not the entirety of our consciousness. Our thinking minds are just one part of who we are. We also have our hearts, bodies, souls and spirits, all of which store valuable healing information for us if we are open to receiving it. When we believe in our inner power, we start to see through the illusions of our limiting beliefs. We start to transcend the human challenges we thought we would always struggle with.

Healing requires tackling the limiting beliefs we’ve allowed to hold us back. The community at Enlightened Solutions is here to help. Call (833) 801-LIVE.

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