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Planting the Seed of Sobriety

All people approaching recovery have a story of their own. There are often times when the people have a hard time accepting the reality of the disease. There may be multiple rehab stints and there are also those who are lucky enough to get it the first time around. Throughout the years, the rooms of AA have gladly held open the swinging doors to its millions of members. No one is forced to belong to the fellowship. The only requirement is a desire to stop drinking. Unfortunately, addiction is a progressive disease and each person needs to make the decision on their own if the time has come to do the work.

Even though many people might come into treatment with the determination and willingness to stay sober, it takes a daily reprieve continue with recovery. Sometimes sobriety simply doesn’t stick and that’s okay. It takes what it takes for people to realize it’s over. However, the suffering and pain in addiction doesn’t have to be life’s existence anymore. There is an easier, softer way and that is sobriety.

Whether or not the person initially knew where to go to get help, it takes a strong willingness to take the suggestions of others to stay on track. If the person gives into temptation, there will always be that annoying gut feeling that it might not be the best path to take. Often times, people will not be able to stay sober until they reach a low bottom. The fight will persist until addiction finally beats the person into submission. People sometimes need to feel the desperation for sobriety to surrender.

One thing is for sure, once a person knows where to go when he/she decides to sober up, AA always welcomes back it’s members. Treatment centers will always be there for those who continue to fight against the disease. No one should ever feel judged for having to do more research about their disease. Sobriety is a gift, it takes some people longer than others to accept what it really means. Life will never be perfect, but in sobriety, there is hope for a new found happiness and gratitude.

If you are desperately looking for help staying sober, do not waste another day! Call us here at Enlightened Solutions to get your life back. Our partial program’s clinical, holistic, and 12-step approach reaches addicts from all angles for the most effective recovery. Call for more information: 833-801-5483.

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